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Live Bait Tactics When Fishing for Catfish

Best Live Bait for Catfish | Tricks of the Trade Feature: Ed Soboslay (32.4lbs) Like most outdoor activities, most anglers can typically correlate the time of year to the species of fish they are going to chase.  In the spring, it’s generally crappie that is at the top of the list.  In the fall, its […]

Live Bait Fishing | Keeping Minnows Alive Longer

Tips for Extending the Life of Minnows in Live Bait Containers   The benefits of using live bait are numerous but the most convincing fact is that fish, whether they be trout, crappies or bass, are used to eating natural forage. Fishing with live bait takes all the guesswork out of trying to mimic natural […]

Why Fishing with Live Bait Makes Sense

Choices Between Fishing with Live Bait or Lures This Season Lure choice, one of the biggest and most challenging choices for anglers, is more complex than ever. There are aisles of fishing lures at sporting goods stores and anglers are toting overflowing tackle boxes with them on each fishing excursion. In reality, all these artificial […]

The Essentials of Keeping Live Bait Alive

Fishing With Live Bait | Tips on Keeping Live Bait Alive Spring fishing season is officially here, and the dog days of summer are not far behind.  Many anglers are stowing away their parkas and ice shacks in exchange for lightweight windbreakers and sunglasses as they begin spending countless hours on the water in search […]