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Ice Fishing Gear Essentials for Every Angler

Ice Fishing Gear List and Tips Ice fishing can be as simple as a fishing rod, some live bait, and a device to drill a hole. However, those are the bare bones when it comes to ice fishing gear. Whether you are a beginner ice angler or a seasoned pro on the hardwater, there are ice fishing essentials every […]

Ice Fishing Bait for Winter Panfish

Are You Packing the Best Ice Fishing Bait? If you’re not used to the cold and darkness that winter brings across the northern fringe of the country, you might think it’s a depressing time of year to be around. You’d be wrong, since the frigid conditions also mean it’s time for ice fishing season! But how do you know […]

Kayak Fishing 101 | Tips for Freshwater Kayak Fishing

Complete Kayak Fishing Guide for Anglers Kayak fishing is fun, challenging, and most importantly… effective! More and more anglers are choosing kayaks as a low-cost alternative to powered boats. These vessels are advanced enough to target even the biggest game fish. Yet they are at their best when fishing for the most popular fish species like bass and panfish. We have compiled […]

Fall Fishing Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss!

Abundant Fall Fishing Opportunities Worth Every Cast Fall fishing opportunities often get overlooked. Most anglers have shifted their focus to hunting and have little time to fish. However, fall is a great time to catch big numbers and big fish! Fish are transitioning back to feeding mode and are actively pursuing live bait across lakes, rivers, and streams. This coupled with several other reasons create ideal opportunities, […]

Stream Fishing 101 | Live Bait Tactics for Bass and Trout

Stream Fishing with Live Bait for Catching More Bass and Trout Stream fishing is much different than casting a line into a calm lake for bass and trout. The constantly moving water not only affects your fishing techniques but determines where fish can be caught. Successful anglers on the lake often struggle fishing streams and […]