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Bait Up and its patent pending Dual-Lid/Floating Basket design allows the angler to quickly choose live bait without searching through icy cold water. Its design also allows the angler to completely submerse it to replenish old stale low-oxygenated water without the loss of any live bait.

CarLyd Enterprises combines creative thinking with today’s technology. Bait Up is an innovative and unique line of live bait containers. If you use a bait bucket, bait can, or bait jar you will absolutely love using Bait Up. Bait Up is innovative, portable, and durable. Bait Up is perfect for the wading or walking angler, the kayaking or canoeing angler, and the ice fishing angler. A must have for any fisherman.

Bait Up is proven to keep bait alive and active, which means you will be catching more fish and enjoy your time on the water even more.  Bait Up is perfect for keeping live minnow, leeches, hellgrammites, shrimp, and sand fleas.

“I love my Bait Up!”

“I am excited to partner with CarLyd fishing. Bait Up is an outstanding product for any live bait fisherman using minnows.”

“Bait Up is top notch, a must have product for bait fisherman wading creeks in Pennsylvania for steelhead, bass, trout and any other game fish. I would recommend this product to anyone of my friends… especially the OPTIMUS for its larger capacity, great for extra minnows or larger shiners.”

“Bait Up takes the concept of a minnow bucket to a whole new level with its ingenious patent pending design, inventively simplifying the process of storing, maintaining and retrieving live fishing bait.”

“I field tested Bait Up and it is awesome! A must for any minnow fisherman and a very innovative product.”

“I grew up using those old metal minnow buckets and froze my fingers every time I reached into the cold water for another minnow. Not anymore. Bait Up has made carrying minnows with me on the trout stream easy.”

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